9 Fall/Winter Fashion Styling Hacks

Hello guys! Fall is officially here. And it’s getting so windy and cold in Canada lately. So today I wanna talk to you guys about some fashion tips that I use to stay stylish and warm in the fall and winter time. Hope you enjoy reading this.

1. Tights underneath ripped jeans is a great way to incorporate a summer piece in the fall and winter time and you can still stay warm and cozy.

10702084_679080735523996_4696246755163996023_n 10614375_679080718857331_835418450782037860_n

2. Layering together two scarves with different texture. Getting bored with all the plain old scarves you have in your closet? Don’t worry, just layer them together and you will feel like you have a lot more new scarves.


3. Wearing a pair of patterned socks with cropped jeans or boyfriend jeans. It is a great way to show off your unique personality and also spares your ankles  from getting cold.


4. Wearing a blouse underneath your sweater and let the collar switch up the look.


5. Roll the sleeves up when you are paring a sweater with a blazer. This trick really blends the whole outfit together. So no matter how contradictory the colors of your sweater and blouse are, you will always look put-together.


6. Different ways of wearing a scarf bring different feel to your outfit.

10371416_679080878857315_372315465431539357_n 10441949_679080798857323_588415575734102923_n  10488065_679080705523999_621500782120090375_n

7. Getting bored with your old boots? You can wearing a pair of knee high socks or boot socks underneath a pair of boots and fold the socks down so your boots will have a brand-new look.


8. Fall and winter are the best seasons to go bold with your outfits. Try accessorize your plain shirts or sweaters with a bold statement necklaces.


9. Wearing a sweater on top of a summer dress so you don’t have to let your favourite summer pieces staying in the closet for six months. Just realized that I kinda look like a Christmas tree in this outfit. 🙂


Thank you for reading and enjoy your fall and winder fashion exploration.


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