9 Fall/Winter Fashion Styling Hacks

Hello guys! Fall is officially here. And it’s getting so windy and cold in Canada lately. So today I wanna talk to you guys about some fashion tips that I use to stay stylish and warm in the fall and winter time. Hope you enjoy reading this.

1. Tights underneath ripped jeans is a great way to incorporate a summer piece in the fall and winter time and you can still stay warm and cozy.

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2. Layering together two scarves with different texture. Getting bored with all the plain old scarves you have in your closet? Don’t worry, just layer them together and you will feel like you have a lot more new scarves.


3. Wearing a pair of patterned socks with cropped jeans or boyfriend jeans. It is a great way to show off your unique personality and also spares your ankles  from getting cold.


4. Wearing a blouse underneath your sweater and let the collar switch up the look.


5. Roll the sleeves up when you are paring a sweater with a blazer. This trick really blends the whole outfit together. So no matter how contradictory the colors of your sweater and blouse are, you will always look put-together.


6. Different ways of wearing a scarf bring different feel to your outfit.

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7. Getting bored with your old boots? You can wearing a pair of knee high socks or boot socks underneath a pair of boots and fold the socks down so your boots will have a brand-new look.


8. Fall and winter are the best seasons to go bold with your outfits. Try accessorize your plain shirts or sweaters with a bold statement necklaces.


9. Wearing a sweater on top of a summer dress so you don’t have to let your favourite summer pieces staying in the closet for six months. Just realized that I kinda look like a Christmas tree in this outfit. 🙂


Thank you for reading and enjoy your fall and winder fashion exploration.


9 Makeup/Skincare Products I can’t live without

IMG_4044Being as big of a trier as I am when it comes to new makeup products, I always find myself repurchasing and gravitating toward some of my old favourites. I am sure that you can feel that too. So in this blog, I will talk about 9 beauty products that I have loved in a very long period of time. Stay tuned if you wanna know a little bit more about them.


1. Clinique “All About Eyes”

Talk about the all-time favourite eye cream? This eye cream is like nothing I’ve ever used. I have always wanted an eye cream that is light weight and is able to stay matt all day under eye makeup. And Clinique’s All About Eyes is the perfect product as far as meeting my expectations. It goes on to my eyelids super well. It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling silky silky smooth. Even though I feel that this eye cream is more suitable for the daytime, I still use it both at day and at night. It really helps with my dark circles now that I am in college and tend to stay up later than before. However, I feel that this eye cream is designed more towards younger skins. So if you are looking for something with rich consistency, this may not be what you wanna invest in.


2.  Sulwhasoo “Snowise UV Protection Cream”

Let’s put aside the fancy name of this Korean product. It is a daily sun screen for your face. Something I find frustrating with most of the sun screens out there is that they usually only has SPF, which protects your skin from UVB. But you still need protection of UVA in order to give yourself a complete sun protection. This UV protection cream is great because it has SPF 50 and ++UVA protection as well. The most important thing is that it smells AMAZING! You know how disgusting normal sun screen can smell like. But this one smells extremely natural, like herb and Chinese traditional medicine.

IMG_4045 IMG_4046

3. Benefit “Dr. Feelgood”

As you can see, I have given this product lots of love. This is a mattifying balm that controls oil, reduces the appearance of pores and rednesses. Since I tend to get very oily around my T-zone throughout the day, this product is like a life-saver to me. It just leaves my skin feeling so good all day long. I tried the Maybelline Baby Skin before because I heard that it is supposed to be a cheap drugstore “dupe” for the Dr. Feelgood. But I am telling you right now. Baby Skin does not do the job as great as Dr. Feelgood does. Dr. Feelgood is a lot pricier but trust me, it is worth the money. Now that I have hit pan with it, I am definitely going to buy another one. Can’t live without it.


4. Bourjois “Healthy Mix Radiance & Anti-Fatigue Concealer”

Wow that product name was a mouth-full. But anyways, this concealer is the best drug-store concealer in my opinion. My skin is acne-prone but this concealer doesn’t break me out at all. It gives very high coverage but does not make me feel cakey. I am using a shade that’s a little bit lighter than my skin-tone because I like to use it as a under-eye concealer as well. It really brightens up the area and gives a radiant glow. However, the downside about this product is that it only comes in three shades: light, medium, and dark. So it makes it a little bit more difficult to find your perfect shade.


5. Make Up For Ever “HD Pressed Powder”

This translucent powder is great for all skin tones. The powder itself is so finely milled that when you put it on your face, it doesn’t look like you are wearing any powder. You will just be having a perfectly matt, natural look. I usually just use this just on my T-zone because that’s where I can get shinny throughout the day. But you can use it for your whole face as well because it looks super natural. I think this powder is a great alternative of all the loose mineral powders if you are not used to using a loose powder. I feel you, because loose powder can get really really messy.


6. Urban Decay “Eyeshadow Primer Potion”

I know that there’s a lot of different opinions about the UD primer potion, the Too Faced eyeshadow insurance, and the NARS eyeshadow base. But since UD’s Naked Palette is the eyeshadow palette that I use the most often, it is kinda like a no-brainer for me to prefer the UD eyeshadow primer potion than the other similar products. The great thing about the UD primer potion is that it comes in four shades depending on what you want to get out of your eyeshadow primer. So there is Original, which is a great skin-colored primer. And there’s Anti-aging, which is self- explanatory. And Sin, which has a lot of shimmer and shine to it, so it is kinda like a base eyeshadow color and a primer in one magical tube. I have the color Eden, which is a matte primer that also works as a highlighter. It just keeps my eye makeup in place all day long even though I have slightly oily eyelids. This eyeshadow primer is the product that I will probably repurchase for the rest of my life if they don’t discontinue it.



7. Urban Decay “Naked 1”

Now on to the famous Naked Palette. You may think that I am being so “creative” in this blog, but seriously, I just love this palette. Generally, I think that the Naked Palettes are the ones to beat  for all the neutral eye palettes out there. But after playing around with all three of them, I find myself gravitating more towards the Naked 1 palette. It’s got most warm shades but there are still a couple of colder shades. It’s got some matte ones and some shimmer ones. So it’s like the palette that’s got them all! It is especially great for travel because it’s compact and got all the shades that you are possibly gonna need on a trip. The shades that I use the most are Virgin (a great champagne base color and a highlighter), Buck (the perfect brown for your crease), Half Baked (gorgeous gold color), and Gunmetal (the coolest-toned shade in the whole palette. Sometimes it’s fun to switch it up a little bit). Anyways, this is a genius palette that should become a part of everyone’s makeup collection!



8. Maybelline “Color Tattoo”, shade Bad to the Broze

This shade of the Color Tattoo is the most beautiful metallic bronze color ever. Because of its creamy consistency,  it acts like a eye shadow base and a great color for the crease too. It glides on easily and because it’s not too dark, you can built on to it and still won’t feel like your eyes are looking too dramatic. This is a great product for daily makeup.


9.  L’OReal “Lashout Butterfly Butterfly Mascara”

I was not a “mascara” type of person at all. I could not stand the feeling of mascara on my eye lashes and it is really a pain to try to take it off at night. But ever since I tried out this mascara, I just became the biggest fan. This mascara has an unique scooped-shaped wand that does a really good job of grabbing all of the outer lashes. The convex side of the wand is great for adding more volume to your lashes. So I think it is very easy to use this mascara to create the perfect lashes. And better yet, it is water-proof so you won’t get the disgusting smudge underneath your eyes. Perfect!